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1-6. Real Estate

  Real estate is a broad term that refers to residential dwellings, commercial shopping centers, offices, industrial or manufacturing buildings and property, vacant land and farms. Real estate can include a wide array of business and/or residential properties. Real estate can be sold either by a realtor or directly by the individual who owns the property. Title to real estate includes title to air rights, mineral rights and surface rights which can be bought, leased, sold or transferred together or separately.

Focused Areas of Real Estate Law Representation

  Real Estate, Property Law, and Litigation.

- Real Estate Contract Transactions
- Real Estate Contract Disputes
- Title Issues and Disputes
- Real Estate Sales Representation and Disputes
- Avoiding and Undoing Foreclosure Sales
- Loan and Lien Enforecement
- Real Estate Broker and Agent Liability Issues
- Prosecute & Recover Account Applications with Department Of Real Estate
- Easements and Adjoining Property Disputes
- Title Insurance Claims
- Commercial Tenancy Legal Issues
- Civil Litigation
- Real Estate Investment Planning, Disputes and Issues
- Lending/Lender Problems and Issues
- Commercial Landlord/Tenant Disputes
- Mechanics Liens & Stop Notices
- Homeowner Association Issues
- Construction Disputes
- Foreclosure Issues
- Commercial Leases, Subleases, Lease Assignments or Termination Agreements
- Fraud, Misrepresentation, and Non-Disclosure
- Option Agreements
* Mortgages
- Advising Clients on Default and Foreclosure Law and Related Issues
- Foreclosure Avoidance
- Setting Aside Foreclosure Sales (Undoing)
- Mortgage Litigation
- Lending/Lender Problems and Issues
* Small Business and Commercial Law
- Small Business Formation
- Small Business Planning
- Small Business Disputes and Litigation
- Partnership Dissolution, Disputes, and Litigation
- Corporate Dissolution, Disputes, and Litigation
- Receiverships
- Debt Collection
- Breach of Contract
- General Contract Drafting and Review
- Negotiating Transactions
* Contract Drafting, Disputes, and Litigation

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