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2. Immigration

   The Williams & Williams Law Firm, is exclusively dedicated to immigration and naturalization issues. Our immigration lawyers are dedicated to helping immigrants get a green card and/or citizenship into the US. If you are an immigrant and are in need of some assistance with the immigration process, please contact one of our immigration attorneys locally at 213-232-3131 or toll free at 1-888-422-5232.

Immigration Attorneys in Los Angeles

   As an immigrant myself, I understand your needs and have the experience to handle all immigration cases such including:

Deportation defense and cancellation of removal:

   If you or a loved one is facing deportation, I will investigate every angle to try and keep them in the U.S. including asylum status, adjustment in status and U or V visas.

- Detention and bonds:

   If you have an USCIS hold, you can be held in a California detention facility for a long time before you are heard by an immigration judge. We can help you evaluate whether you can be released on a bond.

- Criminal deportation:

   If you are convicted of a crime the Departments of Homeland Security and Immigration, Customs and Enforcement ("ICE") can legally remove ("deport") you, even if you are a legal permanent resident.

- Asylum and refugee status:

   Individuals being persecuted in their home countries may apply for asylum, refugee status, or temporary protected status in the United States.

- Family and employment-based immigration:

   Individuals may immigrate to the United States based on family relationships and employment opportunities.

- Immigration appeals:

   The Williams & Williams Law Firm prepares all types of immigration appeals including appeals from an immigration judge's final decision and administrative appeals.

- Consular processing and waivers:

   I will guide you through the consulate processing process, providing you with a persuasive petition and any applicable waivers.

- Immigration for victims of crimes:

   I help immigrants and their family members obtain immigration benefits when they are the victim of criminal activity.

- Naturalization and citizenship:

   I help immigrants residing in the United States become citizens by guiding them through the complicated process of citizenship and naturalization. Contact an experienced Los Angeles green card attorney today.

   In addition to our immigration practice, we also help people obtain a fresh financial start by filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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