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4-4. Boat Accidents

   At first, what began as an exciting day of fun and enjoyment on the lake suddenly becomes a horrible tragedy in the event that a boating accident occurred causes personal injury. Reckless and negligent boat operators are the cause of most boating accidents. Boat operators that are distracted even by the slightest thing can lose sight of any swimmers or drive too close to other watercraft near them and cause serious injuries or heavy damage to personal property. Our experienced personal injury attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm represent boat accident victims in the Los Angeles area and will ensure you receive full compensation for any pain, suffering or financial loss that you received in a boating accident due to someone else's negligence. We will secure a settlement cost for damages due to lost income, medical bills, and damages to personal property, plus compensation for your pain and suffering.

   Boating accidents can generate severe and/or even life-threatening injuries. The on-scene attention of a paramedic or ambulance may be required to ensure immediate medical attention at a medical facility. Trips to a nearby hospital E.R. are often necessary but are very expensive. For victims without a personal health insurance, securing adequate treatment is critical and made a priority for our attorneys when working your case. Making immediate contact with a boat accident lawyer from Wilshire Law Firm will allow for your interests to be represented. Our personal injury attorneys will ensure that all required medical treatments are received throughout the entirety of the case.

   Boat accidents often cause conditions that have long-term physical problems for the victim and may require a long duration of medical attention. Our attorneys obtain and organize reports, eye-witness accounts and testimonies that support your cause for compensation so you can claim the full extent of your medical and rehabilitation costs. Serious injuries are caused by boating accidents that may include:

• Paralysis
• Burns
• Hypothermia
• Damage due to water inhalation
• Internal damage
• Fractured or broken bones

   Our experienced personal injury attorneys are fully capable of representing your interests to an insurance company or trial judge and jury in regards to your boating accident. If justice demands, then we will use every power of the legal system against the negligent parties responsible to ensure your physical and financial health is restored to before the accident's occurrence. Clients are not required to pay any costs of litigation upfront. Our firm only earns a fee once a satisfactory settlement is made and claimed.

   The boat accident lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm use professional investigative services to build a case proving the accountability of the negligent parties. The facts of the boating accident can be determined, re-enacted, and recorded to provide persuasive evidence to support your case. Background investigations are also used to uncover all past examples of careless driving or negligent behavior by the negligent parties. Acts of negligence common to boating accidents include:

• Failure to operate a boat in accordance with local law
• Operation of a watercraft at excessive speed in an area densely populated with swimmers or boats
• Distracting behavior of passengers
• The operation of a watercraft under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
• Exceeding a safe speed throughout the waters therefore decreasing the chances of avoiding any collision

   Consultation with the insurance companies and the negligent party are conducted by our personal injury attorneys so that you can make a quick and stress-free recovery from all injuries that you received in the accident. Our boating accident attorneys understand the insurance settlement process and have expertise in the interpretation of all insurance policies. The personal injury lawyers are committed to getting all that you deserve for your financial loss and suffering against any and all negligent parties that caused the accident.

   The personal injury lawyers at Williams & Williams, P.C. have developed a reputation for their excellence in its representation of boating accident victims. Clients are always our priority and the motivation for our attorneys is to obtain the best settlement for each client. If a victim cannot come by to our office, then our councilors will travel your home or medical facility.


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